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Artimozz is a company With rich experience in Custom Tile designs, Artimozz is leading manufacturer of Mosaics Tile in Delhi, Wall Cladding Tile in Delhi, Flooring Tile in Delhi and  decorative printed tiles in Delhi. Artimozz is leading retailer of Clay Tiles in Delhi, Handmade Tiles in Delhi, Terrazzo Tiles in delhi, Handprinted Tiles in Delhi, Fired Clay Tiles in Delhi, Pavers Tiles in delhi, Polished Floorings Tiles in delhi and also offer stone pebble in Delhi and stones Tiles in Delhi. With so many products we are leading imported tile dealer in Delhi

Artimozz Tiles & Stones crafted products can be used as interior and exterior flooring ,wall cladding tiles, kitchens tiles, bathrooms tiles, landscaping flooring, studio apartments flooring tiles, Penthouses flooring, luxury housing flooring tiles, spa flooring, high end private residences flooring, country house flooring, hospital lobby flooring, cottage wall cladding tiles, Ranch house flooring, bungalow flooring, condominium flooring, cafe flooring,seat outs flooring, inns flooring, luxury hotels flooring, luxury villas flooring,  recreation projects flooring, heritage flooring sites,forts, haveli tiles, resorts flooring, tombs, mosques, mausoleums, town villas and country farmhouses flooring,outdoor flooring etc. By subjecting our products to complete quality control procedure during production and dispatch, we can assure you of high class products. “Serve client and grow with client together”. All the staff will serve the old and new customers with the best products and the best service. With our different finishes mat, glossy, rustic and colors of wood terracotta flooring tile ,reflection, mirror mosaics tile, aqua tiles, blue tiles one can design areas like balcony,walkway, courtyard, pool decks, swimming pool tiles, pool tiles, lobby flooring, living rooms flooring, family rooms flooring, foyers flooring, counters tiles, tabletops, furniture, fireplaces cladding tiles , water bodies tiles, terrace flooring, gateway flooring, looking mirrors tiles according to their taste and choice to get the desired look. Our craftsman and designers has enabled us to ensure new designs and quality products by subjecting our products to stringent quality control measures during each stage of production and while dispatch. With the product like mosaic tiles which include glass mosaics tiles, stone mosaic tiles, stainless steel mosaics tiles, ceramic color mosaics tiles, interior designers can make all kind of patterns from Italian flooring, Spanish flooring, western style flooring tiles, French tiles , traditional Indian patterns flooring tiles, historic temple style flooring tiles, south Indian flooring, Indians arts to contemporary modern & urban style wall cladding tile etc. We help Interior designers and architects to design their dream flooring and wall tile pattern using our crafted designs of tiles and stones.

We set “Brand as a sail, build up the quality ship, drives on the market sea” as our tenet, making our enterprise growing and developing. Your confidence and support will be our momentum to provide you the best quality products and the most complete service. Visit our Design Section


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