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stone paver in delhi

Outdoor Flooring Options

Outdoor Flooring can be done with stone paver, or stone cobbe or stoncecrete paver as well. Stone paver are natural stone products comes in variety of colors where as stonecrete pavers will have limited color options. Artimozz is manufacturer of stone paver and stone cobble. We have latest design ideas of exterior flooring and outdoor flooring.

porch flooring tiles in delhi

Flooring cobble stone

Stone paver and stone cobble can be used as farm house flooring stone ,car parking flooring stone, driveway flooring stone cobble, exterior flooring stone paver, terrace flooring stone. Even stone pavers are used for aesthetic in restaurant flooring stone and indoor flooring stone cobble. Once flooring stone paver and flooring stone cobble are installed, a sealer coating can be done on their surface  for very long durability and to make them last long

walkway stone flooring

walkway stone designs

For more such ideas visit our flooring section. a reference link is  given below

Outdoor flooring stone is available in variety of colors and combination as per your requirement and can also be custom designed. Rustic beige stone, Rustic stone, rustic black stone, rustic grey stone are different finishes can be achieved

Exterior Wall Cladding Ideas

Natural stone Wall cladding tiles are used for exterior cladding an interior wall cladding

wall cladding tiles supplier in delhi

Wall Cladding Tile

Different Natural stone Wall cladding tiles are used for exterior cladding an interior wall cladding. Slate stone and sandstone cladding are major cladding used for natural look and to enhance the color of building with variety of stone to choose from.

wall cladding tiles supplier in delhi
semi precious stone supplier in delhi

Semi Precious Stone

Artimozz is the leading supplier of translucent semi precious stone in delhi. for more semi precious stone designs and colors visit our website


semi precious stone supplier in delhi

semi precious stone 

we are also leading suppler of blue agate stone in delhi, quartz stone in delhi and gemstone in delhi.

gemstone slabs and semi precious stone slabs are used in  bathroom counters, interior walls and lobby walls. semi precious stone slabs are made of blue agate white agate grey agate golden agate white quartz rose quartz pink quartz amethyst blue stone tiger eye stone slabs

terrazzo tile supplier in delhi

Terrazzo Tile

Artimozz is leading retailer of terrazzo tiles in delhi. for more terrazzo tiles designs visit our website


terrazzo tile supplier in delhi

terrazzo tile supplier in delhi

Terrazzo tiles are used as lobby flooring tiles, restaurant flooring tiles, terrace flooring tiles patio flooring tiles entrance flooring tiles and commercial retail store flooring tiles, cafeteria flooring tiles. Mixed with marble chips and cement and other colored ingredient to form a decorative handmade tile for interior project

glass mosaic supplier tile in delhi

Swimming Pool Tiles

Artimozz is leading supplier of swimming pool tiles in delhi. For more pool tile designs visit our website


pool tile supplier in delhi

pool tile supplier


glass mosaic tiles and handmade tiles and ceramic tiles comes in different colors and combination for pool tiles. indoor pool tiles and outdoor pool tiles can be designed by combination of glass mosaics and handmade tiles to get desired look

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