3D Square Wall cladding

3d wall tile are used for staircase wall cladding and double height wall cladding and interior wall cladding tiles and lobby wall cladding tiles.Natural Stones are cut in variety of sizes, shapes and textures to compliment both interior and exterior wall in endless designs of versatile stone panels tiles, designer stone wall mosaics, that can be applied to all areas giving a rustic twist.


3D Square Wall cladding Tile are used for interior and exterior wall surfaces. it can be applied with any good quality cement adhesive. It comes with a mesh behind it which makes it easy to stick on wall surface. Any good quality sealer can be applied on top surface after installation to make the last long. For more similar product, kindly visit product section and project section. Click here for more collection of products. Natural stone is procurred from all around the world and then processed in our factory and given different shapes and sizes as per desired look and finishes. Our 3D Square Wall cladding Tile can be used for house exterior wall cladding tile, front elevation cladding tile, facade tile, lobby wall tile, living room wall tile, interior walll tile, boundary wall, basement wall tile, double height wall tile, staircase wall tile, indoor wall cladding tile etc


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