Plain Terracotta Brick Tile

Terracotta Brick Tiles are used for residential exterior cladding and restaurant interior wall cladding and available in different sizes. Clay Bricks Tiles are made from natural clay by firing them at a certain temperature after giving them  desired shape, size and finish. Clay brick tiles are used for interior and exterior claddings. Available sizes are 9 inches x 3 inches, 9 inches x 2 inches, 9 inches x 1.5 inches


Plain Terracotta Brick Tile are excellent option for exposed brick tile and cane be used for exterior wall surfaces and large building facade and elevation covering and interior wall cladding covering as well. Clay brick are wetherproof and can be used for interior wall cladding tile, lobby wall cladding brick tile. Clay brick are also known as with other names like exposed brick tile, terracotta brick tile, facade brick tile, clay brick tile, red brick tile, terracotta face brick tile etc.


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