Stonecrete Grey Brick Tile


Stonecrete Brick Tiles are made from natural cement mixed with natural light wieght  ingredients to form a slury and then it is put into a preshaped desired mould for a day to get the final product. Once its ready it is given antique teture and finishes for interior and exterior looks. Avalaible sizes are


Stonecrete Grey Brick Tile are used for interior and exterior wall surfaces. it can be applied with any good quality cement adhesive. Our Beige stonecrete wall cladding Tile can be used for house exterior wall cladding tile, front elevation cladding tile, facade tile, lobby wall tile, living room wall tile, interior walll tile, boundary wall, basement wall tile, double height wall tile, staircase wall tile, indoor wall cladding tile etc For more similar product, kindly visit product section and project section. Click here for more collection of products.


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